Style Editor

Get the full design control!

Pavilion style editor is the ultimate tool to create a unique looking webstore.

Unlimited Styling Combinations!

Style Editor allows you to control the style of nearly every theme component - Page Builder rows, blocks, header, content, footer or the entire store wrapper.

You can control the margin, padding and column spacing for each area, define column size, set border and border radius, apply multiple shadows and attach multiple backgrounds. Backgrounds can be either images, or linear and radial gradients.

Everything comes with an intuitive interface - fast and easy to use.

No coding skills are required and you can check the applied effects real time with the aid of a Photoshop like style preview.


The layout section allows you to change the row/area width style. You can have rows that will auto span to match the parent size or fixed-width rows.

There is also an option to control wether or not to automatically merge the empty blocks.


Get full control over margin and padding of each Page Builder element. You can also set spacing between columns.

Forget about css instructions you used to read and apply manually to the code. Everything is now achieved through convenient controls in the admin panel.

Box Shadow

The visual “Photoshop” like CSS3 shadow generator, will help you to easily create multiple shadow effects.

Add depth to your website's design without the need for images or extra container elements!

Enjoy the live visual preview while buiilding your stunnings effects in the admin panel.

Image and gradient background

Combine multiple image, linear or radial gradient backgrounds to create stunning box effects.

Support for custom background size and position!

You can stack and reorder your gradients and backgrounds through intuitive drag & drop interface.


Quickly manage border style, width, color and opacity. You can also control border radius of each area, row and content block.

Enjoy the built-in border generator functionality and forget about third party tools.

Custom colors and fonts

All rows and content blocks have individual color and font options for maximum customization flexibility.

Thanks to the unique Pavilion feature “Color Inheritance” every content block gets its colors from the row it is assigned to and every row inherits its colors from the respective area it is contained within.